Sheets & Towels

Sheets & Towels

Sheets and tarpaulins used in different sizes for separating, dividing, covering, packaging. From very small sheets for goldsmiths' small parts to large sheets/cloths for pallet/bench covers.


Width: from 4 to 200 cm
Length: from cm 4 to cm 300
Thickness: from micron 25 to micron 200


Neutral, transparent coloured, opaque coloured
Colours to choose from a wide range available
Additives to choose from for extensive customisation


Up to 4 colours
Continuously, with width up to 100 cm and in step with width up to 80 cm


You can customise your packaging
In cardboard boxes
In 100% recycled plastic packs

We can quickly produce customised solutions in terms of size, colour, perforation, flexographic printing, generic or dedicated logos.

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